Lifetime Objective Verification

Lifetime Objective Verification Program

Lifetime Objective Verification Program (LOV)

Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center is the ONLY hearing aid center to offer LOV! LOV stands for LIFETIME OBJECTIVE VERIFICATION, and it is Your service policy and our commitment to keeping your aids working properly and keep you hearing at your peak level for the lifetime of your aids!

As a part of the LOV program, you will have regularly scheduled appointments depending on your specific needs. As a part of your appointments, we will OBJECTIVELY verify through different tests that you are doing as good as you can possibly do with your aids. We will also replace the domes and wax guards and clean your aids at these regular check ups. Also, we will give you a yearly hearing exam and keep the aids up to your new prescription. All of this is free of charge!

These checkups are almost like “oil changes” for your hearing aids! Just like a car needs regular maintenance to maintain peak performance, so do hearing aids. Keeping your hearing aids performing at their best will keep you hearing at your best!


Whether you are looking for a new hearing home or are already a patient with us, it is quick and easy to request an appointment with our website. You can also find our new patient paperwork here.

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