John Roberts

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

John Roberts, BC-HIS

H.A.S., BC-HIS (Hearing Aid Specialist, Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences)

Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center was incorporated in Palm Bay during August of 2007 by John J. Roberts.

John attributes his success to his focus on “objective verification”. John insists on not only improving hearing loss, but measuring how much it has improved. Anyone can make sounds louder, but it takes a dedicated professional to maximise results. John spared no expense regarding the latest computerized equipment to test hearing. John used “real ear measurements” and speech mapping to quantitatively assess the results of amplification. John is dedicated to educating the public about hearing loss and it’s devastating effects on families and careers.

John Roberts, BC-HIS - Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

John holds educational seminars several times per year and can be seen at local nursing homes and senior centers regularly. John has hired a full support staff including his son Andy, who is also a licensed hearing aid specialist. John also has a daughter who is licensed to fit hearing aids and works in southern Florida.

John went to high school in Cheboygan Michigan. Cheboygan is located in the very northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula. John studied electrical engineering at Michigan Technological University, (in upper Michigan) after graduating from high school. His focus of study was electrical engineering. After school John was married in July of 1982 and worked in commercial water treatment while rearing 3 children with his wife in southern Michigan.

For 7 years John travelled extensively throughout lower Michigan working with townships and cities developing strategies for water treatment. During this time John’s father, who was a retired from Ford Motor Company, developed a hearing loss. John says’ “the challenges of watching my father withdrawal from social activities and isolate himself was life changing”. John began investigating hearing loss. It wasn’t long before John decided to change careers. “I wanted to do something that helped people in a meaningful way”. It was back to school time. It took John a couple of years to get licensed to fit hearing aids. John went on to become a licensed hearing aid dealer in Michigan, and in 1999 John became board certified.

After getting the children through school, John relocated to Palm Bay to focus on starting a new hearing aid practice. “Palm Bay really needed a dedicated hearing aid center”.

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