Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear protection for musicians, hunters and gun enthusiasts.

Westone DefendEar

Made specifically for shooting sports and high impact noise situations. Exceptionally accurate and lightning fast, DefendEar Digital active, digital circuitry delivers unsurpassed amplification for situational awareness and appropriate noise attenuation when you pull the trigger. The DefendEar Hunter has increased noise suppression for large caliber firearms and the selectable severe conditions mode offers a higher level of wind noise reduction.

  • Modular Design: DefendEar Digital field-removable electronics allows for easy cleaning, service repairs, or future upgrades.
  • Applications: Made specifically for shooting sports and hunting.
  • Available Materials: Otoblast Silicone
  • Options/Accessories: White, black, red, blue, yellow, green, forest green, orange, purple, pink, gray, beige, brown, Swyrl (up to three mixed colors), cords, bolo cord, initials, Slick-Sil
  • Finish: Shiny, matte
  • Shooters Accessory Kit: Monitor Vault high-impact carrying case, 6 Zinc Air Batteries, Oto-Ease lubricant, Oto-Clens cleaning solution, Battery Tool / Cleaning Loop, Cleaning Cloth, DefendEar Patch
We provide Custom Ear Protection for musicians, hunters and gun enthusiasts. Contact us to learn more.
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