Hearing Center - Palm Bay, FL

Your Family Hearing Care Provider.

Hearing Center - Palm Bay, FL

Your Family Hearing Care Provider

Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center has been providing comprehensive hearing care and amplification services to the Palm Bay/Melbourne community since 2007. Our professional staff focuses on professional, one on one, quality products and services. Our practice focuses on objective verification. This means that we won’t just ask if the hearing aids sound all right, but we will measure the improvement and quantify the results. We don’t do this just once, but every time you come in for your free scheduled appointments.

All hearing aids include lifetime free service. Our “objective verification’ program is unique to Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center and the results are important. Good hearing is not a luxury, it is a quality of life issue. We understand that your quality of life, relationships, memory, balance and overall health can depend on objective verification several times per year.


Whether you are looking for a new hearing home or are already a patient with us, it is quick and easy to request an appointment with our website. You can also find our new patient paperwork here.

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Many people suffer the embarrassing effects of saying the wrong thing, smiling when you shouldn’t be, asking people to repeat and knowing your hearing is just getting worse. Recent studies by John Hopkins University associate dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease with hearing loss. Diabetes, heart conditions and high blood pressure along with associated medications contribute to hearing loss. It isn’t just about loud noise exposure.

Tinnitus (ringing or other noises in the ears) is often associated with hearing loss and can be severely life altering. We address tinnitus with new technology and have had many successes.

BrainHearing technology has been our area of the greatest focus. This technology was developed by Oticon, the oldest hearing aid company in the world. The brain compares all sounds to give you focus, reduce background noise and have directionality. Oticon has produced new technology with a 96% satisfaction rate. This rate was measured by using only professionals using the very latest fitting technology, combined with advanced training. John has gone to an average of three advanced fitting courses per year, each lasting several days to gain the skills to use this incredible technology efficiently.

The combination of experience, our lifetime objective verification program, and knowledge of how to best apply these wonderful advances makes Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center the choice for people that insist on getting true value and a value that surpasses cost.